September 30, 2008

Perspective Drawing 3rd Grade

Over the past few weeks my 3rd graders have been looking at place & space. They have drawn their dream home, busy cityscapes they'd want to be a part of, and have tried out 1-point perspective. Some of them get it, and others not so much. I decided to do an exercise with them to continue the idea of place & space. Atmospheric perspective is not always easy for this age group. I decided simple boxes would be an easier way for them to gain a greater understanding of this concept. Most of them really enjoyed it!!( student cried for a half hour about it, but that's a story for another day). I thought Carson & Joshua did some nice work! There are a few things with each that need tweaking, but over all they are great examples of what 3rd graders can do. Gaining an understanding of atmospheric perspective is really important at this age so they can move forward in their drawing skills.


  1. It's always a great idea to raise the bar with our students ! This looks great. I can relate to the crying issue. Had two this week whole cutting snow flakes.
    Question ... what size boxes did you use ?

  2. ?do you mean real boxes? I don't really remember...this was awhile ago! :)