September 05, 2008

Mr. Sketch Markers -scented or unscented

For years I tried to get rid of the Mr. Sketch Markers the previous art teacher had ordered. YEARS!! They just wouldn't die...and I couldn't bring myself to throw away markers that worked. Why did I not like Mr. Sketch Markers? Well, the kids would spend way too much time sniffing the markers or sniffing their paper & it w them from the task at hand...their art! Plus, I got tired of my students leaving the art room witmarker on their noses(elementary children obviously can't control their sniffing!!!). A year or so ago, I finally was rid of the last Mr. Sketch Marker(I honestly had these markers for 4 or 5 yrs!!!). Ya know what??? I MISS THEM!!! I have not found the same quality in other markers...the same color....or the same life expectancy. Mr. Sketch does make "unscented", and I think this year I may purchase them for my art room. They are a SANFORD brand product( ). After looking at Sanford's web site, and seeing the other products that they make....SANFORD IS QUALITY!!! A brand that we all can trust! Check them out...and pick up a pack of Mr. Sketch and see for yourself just how good they are(my fav. is the red...smells like cherries!!!).


  1. I love Mr. Sketch unscentted chisel tips. They beat all the others hands down!

  2. They no longer make unscented. I am devastated. My favorite markers.