September 03, 2008

Sizzlin' in the Art Room!

I have now gone a week with no air conditioning in my classroom(well...not counting the week before school started when I didn't have air & was working in my room...and then the first week of school when I didn't have air). I am so thankful that it has not been as hot as last year(a little over 100 degrees for a week or two!!). However, it is still really warm!!!! My art room only has two small windows, and they provide little to no ventilation. I tried leaving my classroom door open, but that doesn't seem to be letting in anything except for noise & the smell of the bathroom across the hall! I was planning to fire the clay self portraits my 4th graders made early next week, but if the air still isn't fixed...the clay will have to wait!!! To put a positive spin on it...the clay is air drying EXTREMELY fast!! ha ha

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