July 24, 2009

Beauty & The Beast Camp

I recently finished with a two week Theater/Music/Art Camp. The musical they were doing this summer is Beauty & the Beast. This was my first summer working with this camp, and it was a real challenge. I taught two 45 min. sessions a day, each session having 30 students ages 6 to 13 yrs old! I was asked to create lessons based on the movie/musical. I had no desire to copy ideas from the movie, but instead pulled elements out of the movie that I thought would make fun projects(and that could be done by such a wide age range!!!).
This first project is based off of the stain glass windows in the movie that explain the back story of the Beast. It is watercolor and Sharpie. I had the student use salt in some of the areas to create a textured effect.
I had the campers create paper mache bowls from construction paper and liquid starch! They turned out great, but unforunately did not do a song and dance number.


  1. The "stained glass flowers" are fantastic. So glad I came across your site!

  2. WOW! Those are cool ideas to do with the story. I think I may have to borrow :) I love it!

  3. Yes, no problem sharing my blog, that would be great.

  4. Can you provide instructions for the bowls? Would it work with pre-school children?

    1. I used construction paper & liquid starch(the kind that comes in the jugs). I have plastic bowls that they use for molds. They pop out when they dry with no problem. I've done it with tissue paper too..but you have to use several layers.