September 13, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Stressed

Am I good enough? Are my ideas original? Will I run out of ideas?  Do I have the money I need to purchase supplies to continue creating?   Will I find a place to show my work? Will they like it? Will they buy it?  Will I make enough money from selling my work to keep going?  The mind of an artist never rests.  We travel down a thousand roads without taking a step.  In doing so, we can work ourselves into a mess of stress and anxiety.  This stress does not truly benefit us.  Oh, there are those that claim they work better under stress.  The negativity that accompanies stress weighs too heavily on the artist's mind, heart, and soul. However, stress is real.  We all experience it, but we do not have to entertain it. Having a group of people in your life that can be there to be real with you in your artist pursuits....AND ENCOURAGING...will keep you from being crushed under the weight of stress.  

Are you stressed?  Have you been stressed recently?  What is causing the anxiety that you are feeling?  Are they things that are within your control to deal with?  Are they things that are out of your control? 
What is your normal response to stress?

Too often people are trying to carry the burdens of the world on their own.  There are situations that can not be alleviated by another. There are also situations that are completely out of our control, yet we take them on as our own burdens.  We must allow others into our life to help challenge our thinking and encourage our hearts.  Sometimes having an outside perspective can help us get out of negative thought patterns. Sometimes we just need an encouraging word to give us strength and hope.  God reminds us of this in Proverbs 12:25.  I believe there are so many that have accepted being stressed as a way of life.  Let God use you to be a source of encouragement and reason to those who may be struggling. 

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