September 27, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Joy?

Does being an artist bring you joy?  We all have days were we aren't "into it"(no matter our job or passion ), but do you experience joy in what you do?  Many think it must be "fun" to be an artist.  They view what we do more like play than profession.  Some will not understand our vision or artistic direction, and won't keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves.  Outside voices and outside sources can truly impact our perception of what we're doing.  Not to be outdone, our inner monolog and overly self critical brain can wreck havoc on how we perceive ourselves, our work, and our chosen profession.  These negative "forces" rob our joy in being a creative.  We must find that place within us that knows who we are and what we are meant to do.  We also need to find those individuals that will cheer us on in our creative pursuits. Then we will find our joy in being an artist and carry on with our creative selves.  

  When we know who the Lord is & who we are in Him....we have joy (Not the same as happiness...that is a passing feeling.  Joy is deeper and not dependent on an emotional response.).  However, many things will try to distract us from the joy that we have in Christ.  The media, social media, entertainment, relationships, work, family, and so much more.....can take our focus from the One who is the reason for our joy.  We will face stress, hardships, negativity, and much more....but will we let it get in the way of experiencing & embracing the joy of the Lord.  Will we allow the negative things going on around us to impact what is going on inside of us.   Knowing the joy of God deep down in our hearts will grow our faith as we walk forward through the trials and the celebrations. 


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