September 23, 2020

Art Dad: Paper Marbling Edition

 I'm 100% online till after Fall Break, and have been working in my classroom.  

However, sometimes the job isn't done when I get home!  Sometimes...ART DAD is called to duty. ha ha  We are home schooling our kids & a kid we claim (my wife's best friend's kiddo...who just happens to be our oldest daughter's BFF).  They are working on a solar system unit, and my wife asked if I could do paper marbling with them when I got home on Wed.  It is interesting working with a 6, 9, 10, and 11 year old doing the same project. They all enjoy art and are up for anything!!

Somehow I'm the trained professional...yet my hands look like this?!?! ha 

My son is such a doesn't fall far my friends!!! 

BFF's having a blast!

I thought they did really well!  We used shaving cream & liquid watercolor.  I purchased the pans, wide combs, and shaving cream at Dollar Tree (where else?!?!?).  
Make sure you have a large box/butcher paper/plastic table cloth so you can have a place to scrape off the shaving cream that is left on the paper.  I cut pieces of cardboard for scrapers.  

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