January 20, 2011

Tints & Shades 2nd Grade

This assignment is not for the faint of heart!  The images you are about to see are the best of my 2nd grade classes.  They are not representative of the WHOLE second grade! 

I love teaching tints & shades!  However, I wanted to try to change up how I taught/reviewed this topic.  I decided it would be a "great idea" to have the kids create these images.  I mean..really..how hard can it be...all you have to draw is a line and a circle...and the rest is paint!  Even with 2 demos, examples on the board, verbal reminders....this was not easy for 2nd graders!!!  Its always good to try new things...new ways of teaching old ideas...but sometimes...you are better off stickin' with your tried & true lessons!! ha ha


  1. I am sure they were all awesome! I do love looking at your stuff, it is like candy for me....some day when I give lessons out of my kitchen I will steal some of your ideas!!

  2. Thank you Victoria...I feel like you're my personal art ed. cheerleader!! :)