January 18, 2011


I hope to have some art work up in the next couple days!!  We ended up being out all of last week because of snow, and now are going to be going till the end of May.  The only thing..winter isn't over!?!!? I could see us having to go into June.  Some of you may be thinking...we always go into June?!!?  Yes...but do you start school back the second week of Aug?  We usually have to report back the 8 or 9th of Aug..and kids start by the 12th.  To top it off...I'm presently filling up the whole month of June with camps and other teacher related stuff?!!? Bye bye summer break! ha ha 
With the baby coming in July...it is going to be a packed summer!


  1. Baby coming? Great news! Congratulations!

  2. Yeah, we start right after Labor Day and go to the end of June. Today it's snowing, sleeting, freezing rain, hail, total white-out conditions and we didn't even send the kids home early. I cleaned about a 1/2 foot of snow off my car to drive home, and the usually 1/2 hour drive home took about an hour. God bless my Subaru.
    It stinks that all this will cut into your summer plans so much. I think they would take days off our spring break.

  3. I teach in Central New York in the hills of Madison County. In my district, when we go over in days, we take days from Spring Break. A couple years ago we did that, and there was a big storm the day after spring break. (we have had delays for snow in May) But in New York the district asks for an exception from the state because it is hard to have school after our State regents exams. Congrats on the baby!