November 26, 2013

Winter Board '13 - '14: K-4th Grade

As I posted earlier, these odd 2 days before Thanksgiving break....I have all my classes make parts to the winter bulletin board that will be up in our main hall till mid/end of January.  Here is the completed offering for this year!  I was picturing something very bright & fun....AND I GOT IT!!! The kids are so proud.  


  1. Hi Mr. E. Thank you for sharing your wonderful winter board. I make a winter mural with my first grade class every year and it's definitely one of my favorites. I sponge paint a winter background and the children add animals, houses and a torn art replica of them self dressed for winter. Sometimes I have them add a speech bubble so there are words on the mural too. I am very inspired by all of the things you share. Thank you for taking the time to upload your ideas and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  2. That's adorable - your whole school will enjoy that over winter season!

  3. OHHHH, I love this bulletin board. That is so gorgeous and what a great way to deal with those days prior to the holiday.