November 19, 2013

Completed Ugly Dolls: 4th Grade

These Ugly Dolls make me happy!!  The kids are having so much fun adding the details & sewing on the hair.  In the spring I'm planning on having the 4th grade create pictures by sewing buttons onto fabric.  I really want them to not only leave me with a strong art background, but a life skill that they will take with them forever.  If ya didn't realize this...sewing is a lost art/skill!!!


  1. Those "ugly" dolls are precious! What a fun project...and I love the way you are sneaking in a life skill along with all the fun.

  2. I'm with you, I love them. And yes the art of sewing is on the decline. I recently asked the 8 year olds to do a running stitch along the top of their bunting flags. That was foreign for several kids…how do you thread the needle?, The thread keeps falling out, My thread is over the edges, how do I stop that?.More sewing!!!!