November 25, 2013

Painting Night At Church

Friday night we had our first every "Painting Night" at church.  It was a fund raiser for the moms group at our church.  Many people had been to those "Paint-a-Canvas" type place that spoon feeds them EVERYTHING! (some even draw the picture on the canvas for the person..and hands them the exact colors they are to use)  They were a bit shell shocked when I told them I wanted them to be creative & do something that was totally them!  I had 5 examples drawn out up front...and had my iPad with a Pinterest page full of ideas that I was more than happy to share.  Yet somehow...they still were afraid.  However, after about 15/20 min....they all relaxed & started enjoying themselves.  We ended up having a BLAST...and raised $500 for Java Moms!!!!  They all asked me..."WHEN ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN?!?!!?"  
I might have an art ministry at the church starting to bloom!!! 

MICHAEL's AMAZED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

These are two of my PTO parents who saw my Facebook post & came!!!  


  1. A few questions of logistics, since I've thought about doing something like this. Did you use pre-stretched and gessoed canvas? Where did you purchase it in bulk to make it affordable? How about the paint? Did people have to reserve a slot ahead of time so you knew how much stuff to purchase? How much did you charge per person to make such a nice profit? Thanks!

    1. People had to pre-reg...and you may want to put a cap on how many. We had 32 there..which was almost more than I could handle because of needing to float around & help everyone with their individual projects. Set a dead line too of when they need to reg. Depending on the situation, you may want them to pre-pay so you are not out money. Or just keep you receipt so you can return unused canvas. I did buy prestretched. They were 16x20. I bought them in a five pack at Michaels. We happened upon a mispricing..and got them DIRT CHEAP! However, they are reasonable at normal price, plus..if you know far enough in advance...COUPONS!!! We used apple barrel paints...they were on sale. We had a lot on hand already from the summer art camp I did at the church. I used the brushes from school..and my watercups(my prin. lets me borrow things like that).

    2. Thanks. No Michaels or Hobby Lobby around here, just JoAnn's here in town, and an A.C.Moore about 1/2 hour away.

  2. Phyl, A.C. Moore is starting to carry pre-stretched and gessoed canvas now! I scored a ton of it in August--on sale! It was just 8X10 (ten pack) for 9.99 regularly 19.99. There were also larger sizes, but they came in 5-7 packs.