November 23, 2013

More Completed Ugly Dolls: 4th Grade

I think this guy is pretty awesome!! So much expression.  I do think this is probably my fav. project after weaving!!!!  The color...the fun...the development of new skills!!!! If you've done ugly dolls in the past, leave me a link...I'd love to see them!! 


  1. These are SO cute. I have a question: how are the shoes and features attached? They don't appear sewn. If you are gluing, what glue are you using to securely attach felt? I always assume Elmer's since it is my 'go-to' glue for many things, but it really holds felt poorly. Is it hot glue?

    1. We're using Tacky glue(and a generous amount at that) The next day as I put them away..if anything does come off..I reattach with hot glue.