November 05, 2013

An Art Teacher Lost

Last week we lost an art teacher who taught at Nashville School of the Arts.  An amazing soul...the poster child of an eclectic art teacher....with an encourage word always on her lips.  We were not extremely close, but over the years enjoyed running into each other at our different functions.  I had just seen her a couple days before she died at the TAEA conference...and she quickly asked me how my babies were & how my wife was doing.  Ms. Laurie will be missed!!!!

Here are my thoughts after the memorial service last night:

A life well lived is not about the awards & praise....but the impact one has on those who cross their path along the way. Legacy is so much more important than limelight.  - Mr. E


  1. So sorry for your loss, sounds like Ms. Poole will be remembered

  2. I just learned about Ms. Pooles death, today, and I am appalled and saddened. I am a Nashville School of the Arts graduate who was enrolled in the art classes that she taught. She has such a loving and caring spirit. From auditioning for the school, having class with her, traveling to New York with her and her helping me display a piece at TPAC...she will always be remembered in my heart.

  3. I just posted the comment about Ms. Poole and after reviewing your photo, I realized that you were an art teacher of mine as well, at Rosebank when I was in the 4th grade! Best wishes to you to you!

    1. Who is this?? Email hearing from former students! Mr. Schultz and I teach together at Tulip Grove!