November 14, 2013

Green/Recycle Art Work Shop

I love this project!  You use paper towel rolls, and give your students (teachers in this case) the primary black & white.  If you wanted to do it as a tints/shades lesson...I'm sure that would be amazing too!  Instruct them to use short lines when applying the paint to the surface(only painting half of the roll).  They can create patterns, line designs, faux weaving,....really...however you want to guide the lesson!  You then place a small dot of hot glue to the back and display them together.  You can glue them to the all...or even a piece of large posterboard/construction paper.  I love them grouped up!

Janet showed the group how to create paper pulp ornaments.  She uses the small scraps in the bottom of her scrap paper box for this.  She has students separate colors.  Next she soaks them over night.  Lastly she blends them in small amounts in her "art" blender.  Small amounts are key as not to burn the motor up!!!    
She uses bath towels & paper towels to suck out most of the excess water.  Then you just leave them out to dry!!  Kind of fun, and I imagine it being done in small groups while the rest of the class is working on another project.

These were large mixed media pieces they created on cardboard.  They had access to old tissue paper that we used to transfer color on an earlier project, scraps of fabric, yarn, and other materials.  They were also allowed to use paint we had used from a previous project.  Below a teacher included her weaving that we created out of plastic bags and cereal boxes.  For students, I'd plan on at least 3 class times for a project this size & involvement.  

We did a few other projects, but I did not get a chance to snap pictures of them :( boooo  What a great day we had.  Only around 10 teachers at this PD, but we had such a good time together!! (normally we have about 25 come)

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