November 01, 2013

Clay Masks: 3rd Grade

I do a clay "mask" project with my 3rd graders every year.  Usually I find a few gems in the mix, but this year they are AMAZING!!!!!  It is interesting how different years are like that.  
The previous week we created Echo Masks from construction paper.  We talked about the purpose/function of masks & looked at how different cultures created their masks(materials & design wise).  This week we reviewed vocab & information on clay.  They were given the inspiration of animal/human hybrid.  Some went more animal...some more human, but all are wonderful works of art!  

This is my teacher example...I had fun with him!!! 


  1. How long does this project usually take? What are echo masks?

  2. One day to make.....a week to dry....then a day to paint. Paper masks cut at the same time...then take one and cut down smaller.