January 07, 2015

Ms. Sanford Got A Job!!!

Ms. Sanford (my student teacher from the fall) stopped by today!!  She just found out yesterday she was hired for an elementary art position here in Nashville!!!  A December graduate getting a job in January?!  AWESOME!  I am so excited for her....she will be amazing & the students/staff will love her!  I made the sign for outside her new classroom in her favorite colors! She brought me a gift from her mom.....homemade applesauce, crabapple jelly, and maple syrup(made by her grandpa in upstate New York).  Can't say I've ever gotten a present from a student teacher's family!!  A reflection of the amazing family that produced such an amazing young lady!   Emily makes the 5th student teacher of mine hired in my district...and the 7th in middle TN!  I like keepin' my peeps close...so I can keep an eye on 'em! Haha 


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