January 16, 2015

You Say Sumi...I Say Sumi-e

3rd Grade Sumi/Sumi-e Paintings

  However say it/spell it.....they are a whole lot of fun to do!!  Plus...the kids are super successful!! WIN/WIN!  At the start of class I tell the kids they are going to be painting...but there is a catch!!  NO PENCILS!  I usually let my students draw before they paint...so they looked at me as if I just fell off tthe crazy train.  Fear though was replaced quickly with confidence & pride!  They were very excited about their work....and so was I!!!!!!!!!!!!!  





  1. Those are beautiful! Would you mind sharing your process? How much time did you spend on sumi-e techniques?

  2. I love these! I did sumi-e a few years back with 3rd grade as well and they LOVED it! Looking at these, I think I may just have to do a sumi-e project this year!

  3. Painting without using pencils first is scary even to my high school students! Great job!

  4. It is such a confindence booster for the kids to tackle a "no drawing first" project! I have done sumi-e painting projects with my 4th graders & middle schoolers & they always love using the bamboo brushes & ink! Another idea is to tag along with this project is creating an artist "chop" or seal & to add their names in Chinese! Thank you for sharing your students beautiful pictures!
    Michelle (CreateArtwithME.com)