January 09, 2015

Kindergarten Snowmen

Well...the weather outside is frightful!!!  
We've had our first official "COLD" day for the year this week...and I know a large chunk of the USA is "enjoying" some record colds/wind/snow!!!!  

So this is the perfect time to share my Kindergarten snowmen!! We started the class by reading The Biggest, Best Snowman. (super cute book...ordered it from Scholastic!)  We used long "skinny" black paper...they drew it first...then we used construction paper crayons to color it.  The students LOVE construction paper crayons.  They are a splurge buy every two or three years for me(we don't use them a ton..so they last).  

I usually show ya'll my IDEAL work(that best fits the objectives of the lesson).  However, there is such value...and fun from the pieces that don't fit into the "ideal".  I love the two snowmen below!!!  They make me chuckle...and truly display where each child is at!  I think we have some amazing outside of the box thinkers here!!!!!!  


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  1. Love this, especially the last two photos. I always get a kick out of the work by kids who think outside the box...or who don't even know there is a box!