February 20, 2013

Bulletin Board: Putting Left Overs To Good Use


At the end of last year I had student create flowers for a back-to-school bulletin board in the main hall. I ended up using only some of the flowers...but kept the others tucked away in my supply closet.  The other day I decided to change the winter bulletin board....I'm over the cold!!!!!! ha ha  

As I looked at my construction paper shelves for inspiration of color....I remembered the flowers! I placed the different yellows up to cover the board...then did swirly vines in tempera.  I then added the left over flowers.  It looked so bright & cheery...but I had no words.  One of our secretaries told me..."Beauty doesn't need words, Mr. E....and that speaks for itself."  That was sweet...but I still felt it needed words.  I thought about the upcoming READ ME WEEK....and came up with this saying.  It works.  :)  

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