February 19, 2013

Another Bottle Cap Project: FISH

This year's art show is REDUCE, REUSE, RE-IMAGINE! (a recycled materials art show)  I've been wanting to create bottle cap fish since we created our outdoor mural last year.  They will be interior, so need to worry about the elements.  We'll be using insulation foam sheets for the base....and tacky glue as our adhesive.  I had 3rd & 4th create design fish.  We'll be selecting four of their designs and project them on the foam.  We'll cap the front & back...because they'll be hanging in the atrium of our school...and will be seen from both sides.  I'm going to allow all my classes/grade levels to participate in adding the caps so it is a true school wide project.  Stay tuned!!!


  1. I'll be excited to see this! I don't do many collaborative projects (I like my students to be able to take each project home with them after it's complete) but I am going to be doing a large pop cap mural this year for the first time! I've decided to devote a week in March for YAM to creating a rendition of Starry Night in pop caps. I know it's been done a lot, but Van Gogh is one of my favorites, a handful of my art club students got to go to Ottawa last year to see the Van Gogh exhibit, AND Van Gogh is my superintendent's favorite artist! I actually went today and bought a 4'x8' sheet of plywood and had it cut in half to take back to school once our February break is over. I'm thinking I would like to do a bottle cap mural of some sort every year that all the grade levels can participate in.

  2. this is great! I had the idea of doing a collaborative bottle cap collage as an "extra" when students are finished before others. can I ask how you collect the bottlecaps? I started collecting them this year, but don't have near enough for a collage yet. excited to see the final fish!

  3. @Staci Nofziger Once you've done one project in bottle caps...teachers, parents, and community people will get excited to help you make another!!! I have people at church bring me baggies of bottle caps each week(and I've not asked in over a year). When I did my first project...I have to admit..I had to go dumpster diving!!!! More for specific colors than any other reason. However, right by my school is a recycling drop off..so I'd just go to the plastic one..and start pullin' caps off(it was only a little gross).