February 25, 2013

1000 +

I started Art With Mr. E in the Fall of 2008.  I was in my first semester of my MAT in Fine Arts...and my technology prof. encouraged me to start a blog.  He told me..."You are an expert in your field...you need to share what you know!" ( I'm not so sure about the expert part...I think of myself as more of a fellow traveler that has been down this road awhile!!!  )  When I started my blog...I really had no idea if it would be noticed by anyone other than in my district.  I started having people "follow" my blog...that I didn't know?!?!  What's that all about?  A little over 2 yrs in...I had 200 of you wonderful people checkin' in to see what was happening in Mr. E's art room...and conversations were being had with art teachers & home school moms around the world?!?!!  I am a people person...and that carries over on my blog too.  I have enjoyed the comments, questions, and conversations we've had.  So many of you have become friends...though we've never met face to face!!! (hopefully this will change at NAEA..at least for some)  So now here I am...with a 1000+ followers (thank you Pinterest!).  I am humbled, encouraged, and fueled to keep on keeping on!!!!! Know my virtual door is always open to you all...and if you live close enough..my classroom door is open to anyone wanting to visit!!  


  1. I noticed you also have a facebook page for your art class. I am thinking about trying that. How has it worked out for you so far?

  2. @artstar It is ok...I was really hoping that more discussion would happen on the facebook page. There has been some, but many times I feel like I'm typing to myself.

  3. Congrats, my friend! You were the first blogger to reach out your hand and advise me when my blog was brand-new. You probably don't remember, but I do - a simple comment about back-spacing to get rid of unwanted extra space at the bottom of my post - duh! Thank you!

    Wish I could be at the convention with you - but sooner or later I'm sure we'll get our paths to cross! Congrats on the big 1000!!!

  4. So wish I were attending the convention. It would be nice to meet everyone. Congrats on your milestone!

  5. Congrats! I've been silently following along for awhile and recently jumped on board with my own blog. I've gotten so many terrific ideas from you over the past several years.
    Kim @
    Art on my hands

  6. Okay Ted, you win!!! I will never reach 1,000! LOL Congrats, Buddy! Give em hell in Texas for all of us who can't be there, okay! Have a ball!