February 15, 2013

Brian Neher: DVD Series

I was contacted by a representative of Brian Neher asking if I'd be interested in previewing his video series.  I'm always excited to find new resources!!  The videos are wonderful, but not suited for elementary age children.  Not that any of the content is inappropriate, but the way it is presented is better suited for high school/young adult/adult audiences.  They are wonderful for beginners as well as seasoned artists.  

Here is the information provided by the representative...

"This video series focuses on teaching the individual principles of representational art (Drawing, Value, Color and Edges) and how to apply them directly to the medium of painting. In addition to these four videos, there is also another in the series (Painting Outdoor Light) which teaches and demonstrates how to use all four principles together while painting a head study in oil. You can view clips from each of the videos at http://www.BrianNeher.com/store.aspx  "  

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