November 27, 2012

Yo Yo Yo for the Ho Ho Ho

I've been sharing my yo-yo making( never ending )with my Facebook friends...but many of them don't know what a yo-yo is ...other than a toy that goes up and down.   

You start with a circle of fabric.  The size depends on how big you want your end product.  I used a CD to trace my circles.  Personally I feel the tracing & cutting out of the circles was the most time consuming part of the process.  Oh...did I mention that I had never done this wife decided it would be "fun" to have a hand made yo-yo garland for our Christmas tree this year.  She was busy making applique Thanksgiving, dance, Christmas shirts for our children & some the yo-yoin' was left up to me.

You then go around the edge of your yo-yo...making a drawstring of sorts.  After you go all the way around the circle...pull & knot.  

I probably don't do it complete right....but I do tack down the center through the back with a couple stitches.  Some fabric artist is probably rolling over in their grave...or screaming in their craft room as we speak.  Oh well...I taught myself..and it worked for me.  

Then I stitched/linked them together.

This was only half way through...I'm still not done, but I have most of it up on the tree.  At last was 28 feet +.  OH MY GOSH!  AM I DONE YO-YOIN' YET?!?!?!!?



  1. That looks just right for a yoyo! impressive chain!

  2. Wow. I am impressed. I am a quilter, but have never attempted a yo-yo-so time-consuming.