November 08, 2012

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
If at first you don't succeed..try try again.
What's that definition of insanity? 
What have I gotten myself into?!  I thought my 4th Graders would love to create some ugly doll "ish" type soft sculptures.  I problem...they got this!!!!  Fun & interesting transition going from Louise Nevelson to Claus Oldenburg....right?!??!  Well, it has been a struggle, but each day I have high hopes it will be better.  I've made some modifications to the lesson...and that has helped.  The first day I let the children pick a shape to make a pattern of...trace it onto the burlap..and on with the lesson.  Sizes were an issue...shapes were an just did not go the way I had hoped.  SOOOOO...the next day I let them use my watercups (which are plastic tumbler cups..short and stocky) to trace out the circles. YES..I MADE THEM ALL DO CIRCLES!  It was best for all involved in this process.  I'm giving this lesson two class times....cause I think that is all I can handle! ha ha  I'll post finished pictures next week.  

SIDE NOTE:  I use to do an embroidery/quilting lesson...real needles..embroidery floss..the works!! 

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  1. I have been teaching fiber arts to kids for years and I find burlap to be difficult to work with to handsew. It unravels too easily. I have had much luck doing a project like this with t-shirt material and felt. Neither one will unravel on you. The felt is stiff enough to cut a very good shape too. Just my two cents worth. I enjoy reading about your adventures with the kids.