November 18, 2012

Join Me On Facebook!

I decided I'd try creating a Facebook page for Art With Mr. E. I'm hoping it might be a place for discussion concerning things that might appear on my blog...or art ed things in general.  Come join(I think you can do that..don't think you have to be invited?!?).  


  1. Ted,
    FB is also a way to get more parent traffic on your blog. I found by making an FB page for Mrs. Erb's Art Page, I generate more parent traffic and they actually view my posts.

  2. I think I've stumbled across a treasure trove in your blog, your Facebook page, and your Pinterest boards. Loving it all! As I mentioned on Facebook, I'm in an Art for Elementary Teachers class this semester, my last semester before student teaching in the spring. I love the pic of your room and your letter to your student teachers! I hope the cooperating teachers I'll be working with are as thoughtful and caring. I'm a little nervous about that, even though I have years of experience (I'll be 56 in a couple months, have raised and homeschooled my own 6 children, taught Sunday School & Wed night kid's club at church, 4-H, etc). The public school classroom is a whole nother (yes, I used that on purpose)kettle of fish! Anyway, I've got your site bookmarked and will for sure be gleaning art lessons from it--and enjoying some of them myself. Take care and may the grace of our Lord Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah be with you!