November 19, 2012

Monster Dolls / Soft Sculptures

Sculpture is part of our curriculum for 4th grade this nine weeks.  I started with a Nevelson/found object sculpture.  The students really loved it, and I wanted to continue on with sculpture.  I used Oldenburg as the focus artist, and the kids LOVED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been more of a challenge than I anticipated.  Kids today have almost NO experience when it comes to needles/thread/sewing.  I know my situation is extremely different...growing up in Appalachia with quilters EVERYWHERE.  But a majority of these kids had NO CLUE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This has inspired me.  This year I'm going to do plastic needle point, and I am planning on doing a button lesson(something practical I'll make artistic). If nothing else..these kids will be able to sew on a button when they leave Mr. E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Very cute, Ted. Each with their own personality! You will always be remembered as the teacher who taught them to sew! LOL!

  2. The results are fantastic. Tell your students Bravo from me. Perseverance can be very rewarding. A good lesson to learn.

  3. I too sew with 2nd grade. We started with a burlap embroidery but then saw so many cute handmade dolls we do that instead. The burlap was easier because they could thread their own needles. With the dolls I learned to have 2-3 needles threaded for them.