November 12, 2012

Fabric Weaving w/ Writing : 2nd Grade

So with the help of my handy dandy rotary cutter...I cut the fabric loom/warp/weft in no time!  I really feel what is important here is the actually weaving of the strips & understanding the process.  After the students completed their fabric weaving...they made a masking tape X on the back.  They then glued the fabric weaving to an envelope.  I inherited these envelopes a few years ago...and am still trying to re-purpose them.  They then wrote as much as they could in the time remaining about weaving.  I told them they should share the process of weaving, why weaving is important in every culture, and what is the difference between the art of weaving...and mass marketed fabric woven for utilitarian purposes. 
They then placed their card in the envelope.


  1. great job! I will have to use that rotary more often!

  2. You are awesome!!!!!! I LOVE that you continue to incorporate weaving as an important art form!!

  3. Wow! How many kids did you have to cut materials for?Is your rotary cutter electric? That's a LOT of cutting! Why did you glue them to an envelope? I like the student reflection component. Cool!


  4. Pat..I have a little over a 100 in each grade level. I can triple up the fabric...gets the job done quicker. They glued them to secure all the pieces so nothing came loose...and so that it was connected to the writing component.