November 29, 2012

Collage Snowmen: Kindergarten

Now is the time I usually see my kindergarten students turning the corner!  It is exciting for me as an art teacher to witness such a transformation....often from nondescript markings to beautiful works of art.  They are doing so well at handling glue/scissors.  Well...most of them.  I heard yesterday I had an upset parent because their child has cut up their pants the past two times they've had art.  I'm assuming it was done in my room, but I did not see the "crime".  There are 21 students in the class...the tables are not made of see through glass....and they are required to stay in their seats.  So I did not see it happen..or the aftermath of.  I honestly can say I've not had a student do that in my 16 yrs of teaching.  I've had them cut themselves, trim their hair a little...but never cut up their pants/shirts.  Hopefully this will not happen anymore....I've been going over scissor safety/rules with every class.  


  1. I once had a student cut a hole in the lining of their jacket so they could pull the fiberfill out of their jacket and glue it to their picture for clouds! :)

  2. I just started doing collage snowmen with my kinders! But, we are using torn paper, instead of cutting (an idea I found on Pinterest....I wasn't sure if the kids could manipulate the tears, but they did!) And, the first day we used scissors in kindergarten this year, one of my little girls gave herself a haircut. Beautiful ringlets were all over my floor....but her parents didn't mind.