November 05, 2012

Home Depot Kid Crafts: Thanksgiving Edition

Margaret has mad screw driver skills!!! NO REALLY!  I was amazed.  The craft this month was a Thanksgiving napkin holder!  It was simple compared to the firetruck last month...but actually probably perfect for my daughter's age!  They had to screw the two sides onto the base..then put turkey stickers on either side.  SHE LOVED IT!  

Here is my sweet girl with her finished project!  She was so proud..she held it all the way home.  I'm really loving that Home Depot has these days for the kids/parents.  What a wonderful memory to go make stuff with dad(or mom).  I'm sure being at Home Depot..there are probably more men stepping out of their comfort zone and "crafting" with their kiddos...since there are tools involved! ha ha

Eli was just happy to be there....anywhere really! He's such a happy boy!!!

Kept hearing my wife's voice in my head....HE'LL PUT HIS EYE OUT!!!(or was that a movie..ha ha) So Eli was like..."GEEZ DAD..TAKE AWAY MY FUN!"

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