September 22, 2012

Textured Fall Trees: 1st Grade

This is one of my student teacher's lessons. I usually do this with Kindergarten(minus the tissue paper leaves).    It was amazing how much the 1st graders struggled with glue?!?!?!  Kind of shouldn't be too surprised...there was struggles in Kindergarten with this group.  At least I know..and can provide more opportunities to use liquid glue.  


  1. Hi Ted,

    I saw your comment about the popcan art at BeckkerMiddlearts. I have been saving pop cans for the same project for about a month. I found images of this type of assemblage by an artist named, Didier Trigilia. I found him on another art blog (can't remember where)and thought it would be fun to try with my 5th graders. I'l have to fork out some bucks for the puffy paint but I think it will be worth it. Let me know if you do this with your kiddos how it turns out.


  2. Not gonna use puff paint. I'm still workin' out my ideas, but trust me, I'll post. I'm thinkin' fish instead of picasso faces!!!

  3. It's definitely interesting to see how students use the materials at the beginning of the year! I decided to do a cutting and gluing assessment for my SLO's with Kindergarten and it seems I have a pretty decent group! I was surprised that I had three kindergartner students who used glue the right way! I.E...small dots around the outside edge of their shapes! I was also quite surprised to find that most of them knew how to hold scissors very well...much different from last years group!

  4. Mrs. Impey....last years K babies were the same way here. Must have been something in the water that year they were born!! :) ha ha