September 12, 2012

Landscape Paintings: 4th Grade

The start of a short unit on Landscapes....on day one we drew our landscapes focusing on creating a foreground, middle ground, and background.  On day two we moved to painting.  We really worked on using the proper brush, and keeping watercolor watery.  We may spend a short stint on "finishing" the landscapes using colored pencil.


  1. Love the bridge! And tell me, is there a secret to getting the kids to understand that watercolor paint is supposed to be watery? I seem to have this hard-core group in each class that I cannot convince!!

  2. I'm with Elizabeth! My kids have to constantly be reminded to add water to their paints. And I get so torqued when they tell me that their paint is all gone and I have to walk over and show them that there is paint stuck to the sides and all they have to do is add water and it will "work" again!