September 07, 2012

Math Investigation Day In Art?!?!?!?

Art teachers are being asked more & more to support areas in the regular classroom where there are deficits.  Our school has started a math initiative where the whole school participates in a Math Investigation Friday.  I personally did not want to like it...or want to do it.  However, I am a team player...and found a fun way to sneak it into my classroom where it would not take a lot of time away from our curriculum.  All day I had student come back and draw their favorite shape on a post-it note(I used a different color for each grade level & placed K-4 in the corner).  I then placed the post-its on a graph(sort of).  At the end of the class I had students make observations on the results.  I recorded the results, and placed all of into the hall way.  Some of the answers my 4th graders gave me were hysterical!  I know that we naturally have math elements in so much of what we do, but I wanted to do something "extra" for our initiative.  


  1. Brilliant, Ted! I think we are all being asked to take up valuable studio time for subject area integration. You just found a fun way to do it! Why am I not surprised? :)


  2. I love it! This was fresh in my mind today when I had a few extra minutes at the end of 4th grade art. We created a super-quick graph of our preferred drawings from the period. It was a very valuable way to make use of time that could have just been wasted...

  3. are the best! I start color om Monday and will do this for favorite colors. Thanks for all the great ideas you share!