September 18, 2012


The article is interesting, for sure, but I found the comments pretty amazing.  I've copied & pasted a few of them below!  ENJOY!

"Van Gogh's paintings are some of the most beloved in all of art history.  It's not coincidental that they are some of the most emotionally evocative paintings ever made, evocative through his intuitive use of color, line, distortion and even subject matter. Someone once said, and I quote roughly, "people will forget most everything you ever said to them in your life, but they'll never forget the way you made them feel".  And so long lives Van Gogh."
"Thank you for your wise and heartfelt words.  But isn't understanding the emotional expression of our soul valid even if it uses the meat in our scull as a medium of communication? For those people who do not realize they have a soul, art in its various forms may one day be the instrument of their awakening."
"I highly doubt Da Vinci or any artist was thinking about the synapses in the brain while painting, sculpting, etc.  Artists do as artists are born to do... they just do.  Too much thought stifles the artistic process."

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