September 10, 2012

IN CONCERT: An Artober Mural Created By The Donelson/Hermitage Community


As part of Artober...the Donelson/Hermitage Community is doing a large(building size) mural that represents Nashville.  This is where the kick off will be this year(last year it was at my school).  

Here is what the mural is looking like...little more done now..I nabbed this picture from the facebook page.

This is me at 5:15 am in the car after a rough night of toddler-no-sleepy drama & storms.  Why am I up? Oh yes...suffering for the arts!! ha ha

It was still dark when I got there a little before 6am for my 6-7am time slot.  Still amazing..even that early & in the dark!

This was my section..part of the Tulip Grove Mansion (my school is Tulip Grove Elementary).  It is very much like a HUGE paint by numbers! 

Awake...kind of...nothing Sour Patch Kids & a 32 oz Unsweet Tea couldn't fix!

I was only one level up...I asked if it could hold a fat man...they assured me it could.

Painting in progress...3ft x 3ft square. The paint wanted to run because of the morning moisture & rain from the night before.

Laughing my head off because of the other painters...we were having a great time.

Most signed initials...I asked if I could do Mr. E.

Sun is up..and the other painters are busy.

She's a watercolor painter in the community..and SO SWEET!

Everything looks better from a distance.

This was one of the other painters at the very top!


  1. What a fantastic project!! Beautifying the community, networking AND promoting the arts! Who creates the original design? It sounds like this is a yearly event? How long has it been going for? How many wonderful murals are scattered around town? A great incentive to visit Nashville!

  2. I really wish I lived in Nashville! That mural is way cool!

  3. I really wish I lived in Nashville! That mural is way cool!