September 17, 2012

Picasso Portraits: 2nd Grade

With the required curriculum for our district complete, I told my student teacher to have fun in creating lessons that she'd like to "try out" in the safety of student teaching.  I like how she went about this lesson..different than I usually do.   I may be "borrowing" her version of this lesson!!!! ha ha  Just another reason I love having student is a win-win situation(if they are good!).


  1. Like the green stripe and swirly nose :) Picasso style faces are nearly always fail safe, effective and fun!

  2. Ted,

    I'm trying to figure out what you meant by, "Our required curriculum being finished"? It's September 17th! Are you saying you've taught your entire curriculum from the 2nd week of August until now? Splain it to me, Teddy!


  3. @ Pat - The students started Aug 1st in our district! There are 3 to 5 projects/items that are required each 9 weeks...depending on the grade level & 9 weeks. that we're in week 6..yes, we've finished with the required elements. Crazy, eh?!