August 15, 2012

Welcome Sir-Arts-A-Lot

Sir-Arts-A-Lot comes to me from Ms. Malone's school ( ).  He used to be in her school's library.  However, the new librarian wanted to clean house (the library was a bit cluttered).  No one wanted him!?!?!?!  Who wouldn't want a knight in their room?!?!?! So I adopted him.  He's taller than me...but I have a large classroom & he does not clutter up my space.   He holds the book of the week that I read to my kindergarten students.  


  1. Nobody wanted him??!! I would have taken him in a heartbeat. Think of the drawing possibilities. Is he reposiitionable? We'd be off and running designing coats of arms, etc! Can't imagine he was unwanted!

  2. I would love a knight in my classroom. Wish someone I knew was getting rid of one.

  3. What an utterly fabulous acquisition! I am both the art teacher and school librarian for K-5. That is inspiring. I will keep my out for something along those lines, perhaps a mannequin, statue or something else similar.