August 30, 2012

Red Grooms Inspired Dali Salad: 3rd Grade

We looked at the work of Red Grooms & watched a video on Dali Salad. Students created a self portrait (using mirrors), and were allowed to draw any food item they wanted behind/around them.  We used watercolor to paint their portraits.  I allowed them to mix their own skin tones in a small container.  This proved extremely challenging, and I'm going to switch the lesson from watercolor to tempera.  


  1. Hey Ted,

    I know I'm not supposed to make fun of your spelling, but could you please give me directions to skin town? I'm sorry! I just couldn't resist......Love Red Grooms and you kiddos did a great job!


  2. Pat..that wasn't really a spelling issues...that was just totally pullin' the wrong word out of who knows where?!?!

  3. awesome! I was just thinking of doing a similar lesson using collage!!! :)