August 07, 2012


I just received my latest batch of aprons from my friend Janet ( ).  A couple years ago I began wearing aprons in my classroom as not to ruin everything I wear.  My students really enjoyed the fun/crazy aprons...but I only had 4 different patterns. I picking up fun (and on sale) fabrics over the summer, and Janet the Wonderful...graciously created 8 new aprons for me!!!  I may model some for you in a future post! ha ha ha


  1. I love to wear aprons in my room too. I look all over for old jumpers and scraps to create mine. Love all of you crazy patterns!

  2. Me again! I found that my aprons got too heavy with all of the stuff I carried in the pockets, so I started wearing suspenders on all of my aprons to take the pressure off of my neck. I went to and got a pair of suspenders for every holiday plus a fun pair that are rainbow patterned!

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