August 18, 2012

Crayon Border

My students always ask......"Are those real crayons?"

The answer is "YES!"  Many many years ago...a restaurant went out of business in our area.  They donated all of their 4 packs of crayons to our school.  There were HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of boxes.  There was no real reason I needed all of them for coloring purposes.  So I decided to create a fun border/backsplash for my counter.  

It was pretty easy to do.  I cut cardboard to be a bit shorter than the crayons...and slathered it with craft/tacky glue.  I then rolled out the crayons and lined them up with the word crayons facing me.  They've lasted through three room changes!!!  A fun & festive DIY for the art room!


  1. I love this!!!! Now to find some free crayons!!

  2. It's so funny, Ted, that only Art teachers could identify with such a cool find! We LIVE for those kinds of "gifts", don't we? The border is so bright and colorful! Your students have a great environment to learn about art!


  3. Pat...were you "catchin' up" on your blog reading?!?! ha ha Loved all your comments!

  4. I Love love love this.... I have tons of crayons that I HATE to throw away... Yep... I am one of those!!! and may try this in my room... just not sure yet... PS I have borrowed many an idea from your blog!!! keep them coming...
    aka Christy