August 05, 2012

An Art Outlet During Inservice

My principal asked me to come up with something for inservice for two half hour sessions so the teachers could have fun creating together.  Our theme for the year is Cultivating a Community of I went with a collage sunflower.  The teachers worked in teams of two and had access to a number of items to create & embellish their flowers.  


  1. You teach in such a cool school to have stuff like this during professional development. You and your coworkers are SO lucky!

  2. Hey Mr. E! You are really great worker!I really like those creations.Is that a hand from you or your student?

  3. It is nice to hear that your Principal initiates activities such as this. Also knowing that co-teachers are up for it, being so cooperative while having fun. Nice cultivating activity you got there! Good job!