August 02, 2012

Sneak Peek Into Mr. E's Room 2012-2013

I've never felt this far behind before in creating my bulletin boards & organizing my classroom!!! I guess having two kiddos changes things.  I just be at school for a week or two before school nonstop like I use to when I was single....or even married without children?!?!  Family first though...and the bulletin boards will get done...sooner or later?!?! :)  ha ha  


  1. We must be in the same mindset because I just did a post about my bulletin boards. I love what you did with yours.

    Good for you for keeping family first. It's just me, so right now, my students are my kids...they get all my spare time...and yet I still feel behind! ;)

  2. There's a package in the mail today on its way to you!

    This is my first August where I'm not designing bulletin boards, making my giant schedule, and all the associated stuff. Maybe I can come help with yours! (of course, you are a little far for that I suppose)

  3. Hi Ted!

    I am feeling lazy now that I know you're already putting up bulletin boards! Officially, teachers in our district aren't due back until August 13th, but I will put in two or three days next week as I have 3 rooms to get ready this year. No more art-on-a-cart for me! Whoopee!
    I think I'll take before and after pics from all three rooms and do a post on that. I wish all of the rooms were as nice as my new (last year)room at my home school, but I'm just grateful to HAVE rooms instead of carts. I look forward to posting about art projects and activities and seeing(reading:))all about all of my bloggy friends!