February 08, 2012

PROMO TGE PE: Jump Rope for Heart

Alright, I'm not even sure if there are PE Blogs out there, but I know my PE teachers aren't going to be starting one anytime soon.  I wish they would.....they are AMAZING!!!  I have NEVER seen a program like theirs...they are the best in the business!!!    
This week is Jump Rope for Heart.  This year our PE Teachers gave it a Circus twist!

I wanted to share with all my readers the amazing work going on to promote kids health.  As a fat person trying to work on my health....I appreciate that health/wellness/exercise is being instructed in such a way to captivate kids attention & develop life long positive habits!!  This is not your mama's PE program(or ours for that matter).  I value Dr. Bellenfant & Mr. Ehlert so much...and all they are doing for our children!!

This was my contribution to the event! 

Can you imagine walking into this?!?!!?

They even had the kids make some art for the wall!!! Gotta love that!!!!

I know some people are scared of clowns..but this dude is awesome!


  1. This is AWESOME. I am sure the kids are going to enjoy thier rope jumping.

  2. Our PE teacher does NOTHING like this the whole year. He slapped a food pyramid poster on the wall and called it quits on the decorating of the gym. BORING. Your PE teachers ROCK!

  3. that is fantastic!! I bet those students were smiling from ear to ear.

  4. this is fantastic! how could you not want to jump rope in this gym? i'm sure the kids had a blast!!