February 23, 2012

Cakes: 3rd Grade

So I am going with some Wayne Thiebaud lessons...and will hopefully have a variety of projects over the next few weeks to pick the best for the art show.  


  1. Hey Mr. E

    I have a food for thought... I have done this lesson many time in the past it is a great one. But you know what even makes it better?? Is the glue and shaving cream mixer... I know that you know that one right?? It make a puffy stuff when it dries. I put the glue and shaving cream mixer in a plastic bag and cut off a little part of the corner of the bag to make a piping bag.. Like they use to decorate cakes with... The students love it.... If you get a chance give it a try...

  2. Cool idea from Mr R! Never tried this - bet you can color it w/liquid watercolor too. I agree kids would love it.

  3. Sometimes I know I just aMaze all of you.... I do have my Moments.... For being the man of mystery....