February 04, 2012

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Never felt a great need to go to Northwest Arkansas...but this museum looks AMAZING!!!!


  1. I can't wait until spring break to go see it. My Mom lives there and has already been to one of the tours. She says it is quite something for NW Arkansas much less the US. The walking trails have been open for a while and are beautiful.
    Do come to Arkansas and see it!

  2. Ted, we met a year ago in New Jersey for the art praxis review....I live in NWA. Please come experience our treasure in Arkansas! CB echoes the astounding beauty of the Ozarks, and contributes an unprecedented gift to Americans. If you come, be in touch with me. I follow your blog and your adventures in art education, excellent blog!

  3. It IS amazing!! I went last weekend, I made a little video....can't wait to go back!


  4. My husband's family is from Southwest Missouri, not far from Bentonville, Arkansas. There usually isn't a whole lot to do (relative to where we live - Philadelphia) so I was astounded to read about this fine new museum. We went there over Thanksgiving weekend, and it is truly wonderful place.

  5. Its awesome. Totally free. Paid for by the Walton family. Here's some photos from when I went...