February 15, 2012

Clay Texture Necklaces - Kindergarten

I do texture necklaces with kindergarten every year...and it is always a hit.  This year though, I decided to change it up a little.  I usually only allow the students to use clay tools to create their textures in the clay.  This year I was doing a mini dino unit with kindergarten...and decided to pull that into this lesson.  I allowed the students to press small plastic dinosaurs into their clay, use sea shells around the edges, and their clay tool to finish off the piece.  THEY HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!  I had them paint them with metallic tempera paint.  I had never used the metallic tempera before(I love metallic acrylic!!).  I really like it, but you do need to have the students put at least two coats on to get full coverage!  

Sorry I have not posted for awhile....my family got to experience all 4 of us sick at the same time with a nasty stomach bug that is going around!  It was a rough weekend...and I am just now beginning to feel a bit normal(relatively speaking!?!?).  


  1. Cool Project. What's the diameter of the circles?

  2. it is the size of a yogurt lid(when they still had lids that is?!?! :)

  3. So cool. I do this too! (http://drawthelineat.blogspot.com/2011/12/clay-texture-necklaces.html) but I love your spin on it. Pinning this for sure. :)

  4. Love that idea of pressing dinosaurs/shells into the clay, sounds like fun. I want to make one! :]

  5. Very cool!

    Looks like something an archeologist would digg up and put in a museum!