February 08, 2012

Aneurysm Inspiration

Jen Carlisle from http://carlisleartclass.blogspot.com/ posted this comment on Prelude to an Aneurysm. 
Thanks for the giggles... that was my friday! We have all had those days. Thankfully the next day is always a new day! I just put up in my room a new sign that says "Listen, Think, Question, Create!" Too many times my kiddos skip the listen and think and skip right to question and create. Hope 
today is better!

I loved the idea of "Listen,Think,Question, Create!"...I made a new bulletin board for my classroom!!  THANKS JEN!!!

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  1. This must've been therapeutic after the previous day! I had one of those today. . . I think it is happening to everyone with this amazing weather in the middle of winter!!! Spring fever is in full force I am dreading MARCH. March is always a killer month with standardized testing and no breaks!