February 10, 2012

Project from The Art Gang Collection

I'm not sure if ya'll remember the post about the Sketch Book Challenge my art friends and are doing, but I wanted to share my latest project.  I'm thinking I'll do this in my art room with 3rd or 4th at some point!  The assignment was to take a "Master" work as your inspiration and put a contemporary spin on it. Matisse is my favorite artist, and I have always loved Egyptian Curtain!  Check out our blog to see what some of the other art teachers are coming up with!!!  


  1. I think it is so cool that you all are taking the time to do this and "nourish" the artist. I checked out the other blog -- just love the idea!!

  2. I agree with Christie - this is so cool. You are very lucky to have a tight-knit community of art teachers for your "Art Gang" - I'm sure you inspire each other all the time! I also checked out the other blog - what fun!!!

  3. Have you been to the High in Atlanta for the Picasso to Warhol exhibit yet? They have some Matisse!

  4. Hey! This is off comment to this post, but I just wanted to tell you I did a video showing how to do your line op-art. http://artisandesarts.blogspot.com/2012/02/optical-illusion-how-to-video-grade-5.html
    Just wanted to share with you!