February 21, 2012

I'M GOING TO NAEA NYC! (kind of)

Phyl...from There's a Dragon in my Art Room ( http://plbrown.blogspot.com/)...has agreed to take the above image to NAEA NYC (she is a saint.. isn't she).  So...I'm kind of going.  If you are going to be there...and run into Phyl...sign me so I know we met!! (ha ha ha)  I hope I have a good time!!!!!!!!

Phyl....have I told you lately....YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Ted,

    I asked Phyl last week to take pictures of her and Erica holding up a sign that says, "Wish Ted and Pat were here!" Phyl said she would make it happen! So I guess that means we're both "going"?


  2. I am a little upset phly is not taking me??? What's up with that?? Big sad face for Mr. R

  3. Too crazy! I told Mr. R that he will be there with me in spirit, if not in photo (besides, has anyone actually SEEN a photo of Mr. R? I think he likes to stay mysterious!!)

    Anyhow, looking forward to the trip - and I'm awaiting that photo, Mr. E! I'm surprised there's no turtle.