February 21, 2013

Mixed Media Bird Nests: 1st Grade

This picture will be part of our all school art show that will have a recycled theme this year.  The nest has newspaper & yarn scraps.  The leaves are made from paint plates my kindergarten students used to mix the color green with blue, yellow, and white. The wings are created from scrap fabric that was given to me.  
Some students just kind of copied what they saw...but many gave their birds wonderful little personalities!! 


  1. These are really creative! And cute, too; I bet the parents will love them.

  2. Great project, have you thought of creating three-dimensional nests with the children as well? I've taught children to do this and it was really exciting to see the nest forms! Thanks for posting this blog! Great ideas.

  3. @Amy Fun idea...but this go-round...I've no more room in my classroom for 3-d projects. I have over 100 students in each grade level...and storage needs to be considered. I'll think about it for next year though!!!!

  4. These creations are wonderful! Thanks for this idea. It inspired me to use it with a grade 1 art session I did last month up here in Comox, BC. (Canada). The students had a great time with this!